Santa Monica staff was great! Both girls were very engaging and professional. They had a lot of fun with it so that made the event even better. I would recommend hiring them again. [They] engaged with over 1,000 connections.
Rachel, Agency - 2015
We had a somewhat complicated street team in Chicago for an conference we had going on. Air Fresh Marketing was able to put together great staff for us last minute and we were able to get many folks to our event. I am impressed and very much enjoyed working with Joey and Alyssa.
Mickey, Agency - 2016
I need[ed] an outstanding manager for our Adidas event. Jorge made my life extremely easy, and I knew my event was in safe hands with the 10 brand ambassadors and the wonderful manager air fresh sent me in Dallas.
Jerad, Agency - 2015
The street team was great and met the quota of 50 app downloads per person!
Alex, Lyft - 2015
Air Fresh Marketing is extremely easy to work with. Their customer services was outstanding, and they were able to adapt on short notice. Their street teams garnered mass awareness for our music festival [and] ticket sales went up immediately in the east coast following their program.
Lane, Agency - 2014
The brand ambassadors did a great job overall. Amin was great at being the point person/ring leader, very professional. Richard’s energy was great. My favorites were liz and kat… They were awesome at interacting with attendees, looked beautiful on stage, etc.
Kristin, Agency - 2015
The event was great! All the girls were good but I would have to say everyone was awesome!They had a very positive attitude and were willing to do whatever to help us out.
Breanna, Agency - 2015
The BAs on Saturday were fantastic! Seriously the best I’ve ever seen. They were engaging, friendly and took their job really seriously. We were extremely impressed and will certainly use you for all future BA needs!
Ara, Agency - 2016