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720 S. Colorado Blvd., Penthouse North,
Denver, Colorado, 80246

Air fresh marketing connects brands with
their customers through unforgettable experiences

Let's get people experiencing

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What we do

Create Memorable Brand Experiences

Your customers crave unforgettable experiences with your brand. It's our job to give them to them.

Earn Die-Hard Brand Advocates

There is no substitute for brand loyalty! Give your customers something to buzz about, and you'll always be top of mind.

Engage Audiences Like Never Before

Our network of fully-aligned brand ambassadors trained to embody your company’s message is STACKED!

turnkey services

Everything we do is done in-house and as an extension of your team. We strategize what's best for meeting your goals and then come together to crush them as a single unit.

Production and Execution

Experiential & Digital

Asset Procurement

Marketing Strategy


Leave with knowledge, not just numbers

Our end-of-project success reports are packed with actionable data to guide future marketing efforts.

Bring your brand to life with the five senses.

Transform your products and services into a dynamic experience that they can see, hear, touch, taste and feel.

Targeted marketing that BANGS!

Aiming for hard-to-reach niches? Wiggle your way into obscure markets with crafty campaigns.

who is airfresh marketing for?

Local Brands

Pump up the volume with next-level events for your local business.


Give every customer an intimate experience when it comes to colossal nationwide campaigns.


Enhance your agency with fresh ideas, unique perspectives and innovative outreach.

In 20+ years,
we’ve helped

Over 300 brands connect with customers through unforgettable live events.
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what people are saying

“Air Fresh Marketing is my FAVORITE experiential marketing company to represent across the nation. The staff is responsive and professional, and the events are always
a blast!”

aimee, ambassador

“Air Fresh Marketing has worked with us all across the country from Los Angeles to New York. Even when events come up last minute, they are able to make magic happen! Projects are always approached with authenticity and enthusiasm.”

Kristin quinn, chief growth officer, gravel

“It is non-existent to find an employee disengaged with their work or unable to help a fellow colleague with questions or issues. The company culture is top-notch, and the atmosphere always friendly and motivating.”

anonymous, glassdoor