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720 S. Colorado Blvd., Penthouse North,
Denver, Colorado, 80246

AirFresh recruits lifelong customers
through fully-managed live events

When you work with us, your brand grows.

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What we do

Create Memorable Event Experiences

We find and hire fully-aligned brand ambassadors who embody your company’s authentic vibe.

Earn Die-Hard Brand Advocates

Our events turn customer caterpillars into down-for-life butterflies.

Motivate Customers & Grow Your Tribe

We find and hire fully-aligned brand ambassadors who embody your company’s authentic vibe.

turnkey services

We don’t just create solutions, we execute them in-house with one point of contact from start to finish.

Production and Execution

Experiential & Digital

Asset Procurement

Marketing Strategy


Leave with knowledge, not just numbers

Our end-of-project success reports are packed with actionable data to guide future marketing efforts.

Bring your brand to life with the five senses.

Transform your products and services into a dynamic experience that they can see, hear, touch, taste and feel.

Targeted marketing that BANGS!

Aiming for hard-to-reach niches? Wiggle your way into obscure markets with crafty campaigns.

who is airfresh marketing for?

Local Brands

Pump up the volume with next-level events for your local business.

National Corporations

Put a homegrown touch on colossal nationwide campaigns.

Marketing Agencies

Enhance your agency with fresh ideas, unique perspectives and innovative outreach.

In 20+ years, we’ve helped

300+ brands connect with consumers through memorable, live events.
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what people say

“The street team was great and met the quota of 50 app downloads per person!”

alex, lyft, 2015

“Air Fresh Marketing was able to put together great staff for us last minute.”

mickey, agency, 2016

“Santa Monica staff was great! They engaged with over 1,000 connections.”

rachel, agency, 2016

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720 S. Colorado Blvd., Penthouse North, Denver, Colorado, 80246